Rules and Policies

League Rules

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Jersey Policy

  • Jerseys are defined as: button front, pull-over and/or colors and styles directly associated with MLB teams. No t-shirts or quasi-jerseys.
  • The jersey has to be an MLB authentic or replica jersey, either home, road, alternate or BP.
  • All current teams that have MLB jerseys can continue to wear the jersey
  • Any new team must have current MLB style jerseys.
  • Any new team switching Leagues, ABC to MSBL for example, can use their current jersey for 2 years, whether or not it is a MLB moniker team jersey. The jersey must be professional, not t-shirts, and subject to Board approval. After the two years, the team must change to official jerseys with a team moniker that is not being used by another team in their age category.
  • Any team switching team monikers must choose a moniker not already taken.
  • There are 30 monikers available for 25+ teams and 30 monikers for 18+ teams.
  • No other monikers are allowed outside of regular MLB teams.
  • All jersey and team names must be approved by the Board of Directors.