Playoff Roster Deadline - July 31

July 22, 2014

Teams have until July 31 to add players for the playoffs.

Online waivers must be received by 11:59 pm on July 31.

Time is running out to add those playoff ringers!

Dunn Division: Top FIVE (5) teams qualify for playoffs
Ettare Division: Top SEVEN (7) teams qualify for playoffs
Nicewonger Division: Top FIVE (5) teams qualify for playoffs.


  • July 31, 2014
    Playoff Roster Deadline
  • August 6, 2014 (Wed)
    2014 Nicewonger All-Star Classic
    San José Municipal Stadium
    7:15 PM
  • August 24, 2014
    End of Regular Season.
  • August 24, 2014
    Playoffs Begin (Ettare).
  • August 31, 2014
    Labor Day. No Games!
  • September 7, 2014
    Playoffs Begin (Nicewonger, Dunn).

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BREAKING NEWS - League Schedule Wrecked

July 12, 2014
Schedule changing car accident at Fair Oaks Park
Schedule changing accident at Fair Oaks Park.

Early Sunday morning on July 6 a car lost control and smashed completely through the grandstands and into the backstop behind home plate at Fair Oaks Park.

The field is now closed indefinitely. Damage to the site includes a downed light pole, destroyed bleachers, press box knocked off the top of the grandstand on to the bleachers, hole punched through the wood of the backstop and compromised backstop support poles.

Doubleheaders at the field on July 13, 20 and 27 need to be rescheduled and changes will be made to the entire league schedule on these dates.

The league secured use at PAL Stadium on July 13 for the twin bill between the Phillies and Mariners thanks to the efforts of Phillies manager Patrick Battiste and team member Nate Wyms.

On July 20 games will be moved at three sites to create an open field for the double dip between Padres and Red Sox. Thanks to the Twins and Kyle Madej for moving his home games vs Mets over the hill to Aptos to open up a field.

The league is attempting to find a field for July 27 double header between the Padres and Mariners. Summer vacation at all of the school districts is proving to be a big obstacle as very few administrators, athletic directors and coaches are available for communication.

Ettare division double headers on July 27 could become single games at all sites to get a field for the Padres and Mariners to play one game. The second game of these double dips would be played on August 24 - pushing the playoffs back one week. Post season would start after Labor Day on September 7 the same day as the Dunn and Nicewonger divisions.

Managers will be sending out emails to inform players of any late schedule changes and the website Schedule will be updated as field changes are finalized.

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4th Annual Nicewonger All-Star Classic August 6

June 8, 2014

Details for the 4th Annual Dave Nicewonger All-Star Classic have been set.

Game time will be 7:15 PM on August 6 at San José Municipal Stadium.

The two teams (American League, National League) will be represented by the following:

American League (12 teams)
Colt .45s, Twins (from Nicewonger Division)
A's, Angels, Indians, Tigers (from Dunn Division)
Mariners, Orioles, Rays, Red Sox, White Sox, Yankees (from Ettare Division)

National League (11 teams)
Marlins, Mets, Nationals, Reds (from Nicewonger Division)
Astros, Brewers, Giants (from Dunn Division)
Braves, Padres, Phillies, Pirates (from Ettare Division)

American League Team Nicknames - 1B Dugout
National League Team Nicknames - 3B Dugout
Infield from 6:30-6:45 pm National League
Infield from 6:45-7:00 pm American League
Player Introductions 7:00-7:10 pm

Admission is FREE.
City of San Jose charges for parking in Stadium Lot (free parking on street).
Concession stand will be open.
No outside food, coolers, beverages allowed in stadium (City ordinance).
San Jose PD will be on site.

Complete 2014 Schedule Released.

May 31, 2014

The full 2014 season is finished and posted on the Schedule page.

Dave Meier, Jon Trees, and Mike Zamba Elected to Board of Directors

February 28, 2014

Congratulations to Dave Meier, Jon Trees, and Mike Zamba on their elections to the board of directors.

Meier, co-founder of the SJMSBL and co-manager of the Brewers, has been in the league since its founding in 1988. He was elected to his third term having previously served two terms from 1998-2004.

Trees, manager of the Astros, has been in the league 19 years and was elected to his second term.

Zamba has been in the League since 1990. He's been on the Board of Directors since 1992, serving as President since 1996.

Elections are for three-year terms and will expire 12/31/2016.

Thank you to Rafael Ibarra, Darryl Jones, and Bryan Morrissey for submitting applications and their willingness to donate their time and effort in wanting to serve on the board. Hopefully all choose to run again next year.

Phil Scholz - Fallen Hero

January 25, 2014
Phil Scholz Phil Scholz

The San José MSBL lost a hero on Monday, January 20. Phil Scholz, 1B for the White Sox, was tragically killed attempting to pull a person from the Caltrain tracks at the Santa Clara station. An in-depth article on Phil's heroism can be found on the San José Mercury News website.

White Sox manager Craig Myers had this to say about Phil.

Phil was an outstanding 1B and played ball selflessly. In fact, he lead the team in getting drilled every year. I mean it wasn't even close -- he'd get hit 6-8 times a season. He also had a habit of trying to steal home, and he was actually successful a couple of times. As it turns out, his character as a person was reflected in the way he played baseball.

We'd all go out for beer and pizza after games and Phil was always there drinking whatever IPA they had on tap and talking about the game. He was such a great guy and a pillar of our team.

Phil was a frequent submitter to this website's Photo of the Week contest. His photos will be missed.

The League's condolences go out to Phil's wife Emily, his family, and the entire White Sox team.


What: Services for Philip Scholz
When: 10 a.m. Feb. 10
Where: Veterans Memorial Building, 301 Main St., Pleasanton